Audio message

Many years I was saving recordings and writings of my Bible studies, conversations with some fellow believers, and presentations intended to encourage wonderers and seekers of godly life, to open their heart and mind to the Word of Life and the Truth.

I kept these records for my “old age” thinking they might be a spiritual food supplement if our Lord appointed for me to live with difficulty or even inability to read the Book in the “declining years”…

As I experienced some of these signals pointing toward the end of my earthly journey, I observed other people older than I, and a thought of sharing my “collection” with them - led to consideration of a web-site. When our grandchildren experienced their own struggles in this world of conflicting trends, demands and influences, I sensed the need and the opportunity of sharing my life-time “journey through the Book”.

With my very limited budget and my desire to rely on ‘all and whatever’ our Lord provides; never soliciting donations; internet-market-prices would prevent me from obtaining this website…

Marvelous grace of our Father in Christ brought some volunteers from among the people I could not expect to accomplish such a great project. Their contribution I consider a “post-Bible-Bible-story”. I owe endless gratitude to our Lord and these living instruments of His goodness and grace.

My desire for the users of this program and my prayer to our Lord is that all receive encouragement to seek and follow the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and find peace in our God’s grace and salvation. This short life has its full value only if it ends in the glorious continuation of everlasting life in our Savior’s grace.

I suggest to all users of this website to consider my presentations as earnest and sincere sharing of our God’s Word by a long time disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ; nothing more; nothing less. The Bible contains and produces pilgrimages from the world of sin and darkness to the Heavenly Jerusalem. Every reader and believer is offered the opportunity of becoming a follower of our Lord and Savior and an heir of His Kingdom.

All well-wishing users of this site are invited and welcome to ask questions, offer suggestions, and corrections to this site and to the other users of it.

I am grateful for the opportunity of sharing with you. I remain in prayers for our Lord’s blessings to all participants and for the endless praise to our God from the hearts of the blessed.

An old disciple